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Iskra chemical industry

We are proud because we continue the tradition of chemical production today in 100% private ownership with a significant expansion of the range.

Quality and affordable products intended for every segment of life, are the foundation that turns each of our customers into a satisfied partner. Their trust is our major success on which we build production.


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About our brands

We produce a full range of products for use in almost every segment of life. From household cleaners, to paints and varnishes, car cosmetics, shoe care products, to glue, candles and a range of other products.

Our experts are continuously working on the development and improvement of the production process and product formulations, in order to offer customers high quality products.

Our partners

Why do business with us?

  • We create long-term partnerships, encourage and apply an individual approach.
  • By robotizing the production plant, we maintain the highest standards in the field of production.
  • Apart from Croatia, you can find our brands throughout Central and Southeast Europe.
  • Our products are designed for every segment of life.
  • Our logistics allow you minimal engagement.